Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back from the Middle East

I didn't feel the motivation to blog while deployed to Iraq. I kept scattered journals (I have no idea what is up with that, I start a journal, then quit, then start a new one), but that was about it.

I spent many hours in contemplation and returned to my Christian roots. I think the main reason was the cessation of suffering. Although it does make sense to follow a logical path to end suffering as we do tend to naturally do everything in our power to avoid suffering of any kind, it just seemed counter productive to work to seek the end of suffering. The best lessons I have learned in life were learned because of suffering. As a matter of fact, the only time we as humans learn a lesson that really sticks with us is through suffering. That, and typically our natural drive to end suffering is self serving (such as taking drugs or alcohol to avoid emotional pain or guilt) and not usually in our best interest or in an attempt to work towards spiritual growth. Avoiding suffering often leads to taking the easy way out, or the path of least resistance which is almost never the better or best path to take.

As a side note: I miss Iraq here and there, although I have yet to really pinpoint why. I think it was the amount of time I had to myself. I think i needed that time to sort some things out. So all in all my Iraq deployment was a health trip.

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