Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Three months back home

Straying from the Christian path and returning has been a strange experience.

I don't necessarily know if my faith and understanding is stronger due to my traveling the Buddhist path (discovering why, though logical, Buddhism is not a path to righteousness or a way to gain true spiritual wisdom or get closer to the Father), is maybe related to this new found calmness I feel since returning from Iraq or other contributing factors such as the amount of time I spent in contemplation while deployed. I have to assume all of the above play a part in the strength and trust I have developed as to my faith in God by the gift of Grace freely given through Christ Jesus.

I spent many mornings and nights in walking contemplation, working through stumbling blocks in my spiritual development. A few minutes in truth with one's self is worth much more than the countless hours we spend justifying impure action and thought.

My wife and I had a discussion recently about our wanderings in eastern religions/ philosophies and how our return to God through Christ Jesus was marked by a greater strength and trust in the Christian path (not to be confused with the modern organized religious path) and the Words of wisdom espoused by Biblical teachings. We both experienced a greater acceptance by those of the world while meddling in eastern teachings, but grew further away from God.

I have been back and forth on and off the path my whole life, normally not so far off the path as I was when I decided to see if Buddhism as a philosophical guide could bring me closer to God. There are specific points in my time on the right path that are bookmarked and I remember how I felt when my relationship with God was at it's strongest. It is good to be back.

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