Thursday, November 5, 2009

30 Days till Shelby


Greed is the root of all suffering, or evil depending on your philosophical bent...

Greed, aversion and delusion are the three defilements leading to suffering, but greed is the root. Aversion is caused by greed, delusion is the justification or ignorance of greed.

Clinging, a symptom of greed.

Now, getting past greed... this is the path. This is my battle. Nirvana is merely the icing on the cake of nonsuffering. My goal is to elevate above the plain of suffering and maintain that plain.

My battle starts with food.

Yep, food.

Clinging to food is my greatest weakness, not my only, but my greatest.

Stress? run to food... lonely? run to food... bored? run to food... I am a food greed manho.

I wouldn't put dirty gas in my wife's truck knowingly because i wouldn't want to damage the engine.

Food is merely fuel for our bodies. Why do I put dirty fuel into my body? Pizza, cake, cookies, cracker snacks, processed foods, fast foods, preserved foods, foods laden with pesticides... all dirty fuel put into my fuel tank almost daily.

My focus?

Food is fuel.

Food is fuel..

Food is fuel...

Peace and compassion

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