Monday, November 2, 2009

33 Days till Shelby


After a great weekend, I am here at work.

All is serene.

As a side note, I enjoy starting the day in meditation.

Watched a documentary on Ram Das last night. The whole guru thing makes me uneasy. I am all about passing on information to be deciphered by the student, but the idea of gurus and followers, typically is just asking for abuse. Power corrupts as power is highly addictive. For he/ she who is truly enlightened through discipline it may not become an issue, but for those who seek the easy path to enlightenment, woe to their followers.

Back to the video documentary...

It is one thing to read another's words or perspectives, but another to watch that person present their perspectives. Readership avoids ego manipulation with regard to the follower/ leader paradox. Follower/ leader paradox- followers worshiping leaders, leaders feeding off followers building momentum until leaders are taking advantage of/ abusing followers. Without body language, facial expression and eye contact of a speaker, it is much easier for the student to develop a personal perspective on presented information. Another advantage of readership is the time available to contemplate the context of the information that is being delivered. Time to go back reread material. Granted, one can rewind a video, but from my experience I am less likely to rewind a video than to reread a passage due to misunderstanding as the experience is altered when stopping/ rewinding a video.

Guru-ship and salesmanship..

A major advantage in sales is actually meeting the prospective customer to give the sales experience a more personal touch. It is much harder to say no to someone's face than to say no in a more impersonal setting like on the phone or in writing. A major goal in sales is to actually meet the decision maker face to face. Physical presence also presents the salesman the opportunity to direct attention to perceived problem areas including particularly difficult customers when there is more than one decision maker.

Connecting with a person visually provides certain advantages in proposing an idea or product, such as in a video or any digital format. Such as the difference between watching a movie and reading a book. Granted, typically, there are other factors in the difference in watching a movie or reading a book such as it is usually not possible to cover all the details from a book in the normal amount of time alloted for a movie, but even if it were possible to cover all details from book to movie, the experience of reading a story and seeing a story would provide very different experiences. There is less left to the imagination when information is presented visually. The brain has less work to do when it gets a visual presentation. In a sense it is as if the visual presentation is thinking for the student or customer.

Not that meeting with a teacher does not have it's benefits, but I think core learning is best on our own using teachers as guides when we run into difficulty or get bogged down and hit the learning wall.

Ramble on...

Peace and compassion

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