Tuesday, October 27, 2009

39 Days till Shelby

Karmic backlash.

I have been able to avoid most negative karma by acting more of a fool towards the vehicle of karmic backlash for years or just by simply dodging the bullet. This in turn built up more stored negative karma. Now that I have decided to abandon my eclectic approach to purification and actually dedicate myself to one path, the way, I am having to control my developed coping reactions when I notice the backlash of stored negative karma.

Last night karma hit me from two angles with a bystander enjoying the show. I actually recognized the situation as backlash for past negative actions and attitudes (karmic backlash) from previous years toward those two vehicles (the two angles). I noticed my usual coping reaction start to well up (being louder or crueler than my opponent). Before I went full blown into stifling the negative karmic instances through my usual coping mechanisms I slowly stood up and calmly walked away allowing karma to manifest in my absence.

I figure, more than likely, because I walked away in the middle of an instance of karmic backlash that it did not get the opportunity to fully discharge so there will probably be residual energy left for later.

Pride is so hard to tame when it has been left to manifest as it will when it will. Seriously, this is not going to be easy. Father grant me the strength and patience to handle the karmic flood coming my way, LOL...

The more serious one is about getting on a right path, the harder negative forces work to knock one off. I used to view those negative force as the devil, LOL... a metaphysical entity that hired demons to slap or tempt people into submission. Now I realize that while meandering between good and bad, while just going with the flow I had developed many bad habits and through deceit and coercion I have stored negative karma. Due to my continuance on and off the path by means of convenience I had avoided releasing stored negative karma while enjoying the benefits of the the positive karma I had developed along the way. There is a major imbalance in my karmic storehouse.

When we stop dodging and fighting the backlash of negative karma it hits us in waves and it seems as if we are being attacked by actual evil forces. Since we are taught that evil is manifested in negative action by physical or metaphysical sources we naturally blame evil forces or evil people when most times the negative forces we are dealing with are the negative karma we ourselves store up during our lifetimes.

Karmic backlash.

Remember, perspective is everything when viewing life

Peace and compassion

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