Friday, October 23, 2009

43 Days till Shelby

Been watching documentaries on the drug trade, drug wars and drug use over the past few days so this has been the predominant subject rolling around in the vastness of my mind.

I have always been personally against drug use. Not sure why or what the source for my adamant motivation against drug use is though. From the time I had the opportunity to form a personal opinion on drugs and drug use, I have been against the use of drugs and haven't had much interest in other intoxicants either. I have had an occasional drink in social situations, but am not interested in intoxicants overall. My giving in is a display of my weakness towards social pressure. I have heard it said that you can't trust someone who doesn't drink, I guess we all must be partners in crime.

I have noticed that when I mention my distaste of drug use the pro-drug advocates I know come out semi-swinging. It will be interesting to see how the future will play out when the motivation to not participate in recreational use has abated with regard to those i associate with. I do not want to live with that element of society and would distance myself from that lifestyle if elements of that lifestyle crept into my living space in the sense that I was not able to separate my daily life from drugs or drug users.

It disgusts me, literally. I view this as silly at times, but the idea of drug use actually makes me queasy and nauseous. For those who choose that lifestyle, I fully understand it is their choice and I am fine with people indulging in the use of intoxicants, but I just don't want to be around it or live with it.

Drug use is comparable to pornography to me. I don't judge others for their sexual preferences, but I don't want to be present while porn is on, I don't want to hang out in the triple X theater, go to peep shows, watch strippers, have sex with multiple partners or swing. People that are into loose sexual behavior or drugs- have at it, just have the decency to recognize that other people may find it personally offensive. Porn, sexual promiscuity and drugs fall into the same categories of social activity to me and I have no interest in any of the above. I view them all as equally destructive behaviors. I understand those who participate in drug use and loose sexual activity/ porn don't agree with this perspective, so to each his or her own. As long as your drug use and/ or sexual activities do not adversely affect my or my children's lives than have at it. Just don't expect me to jump on your bandwagon or be supportive of your choices or hang with you while you do your thing. Don't expect me to live with it either.

I have noticed my lack of a social circle due to my adversity to drugs, drunkenness and what I consider lewd sexual behavior. I understand the vastness of those who see things differently than I do based on the groves of people who hang out in bars, strip clubs, and 420 events. I don't think those who choose those lifestyles are bad people and I don't contemplate why they choose what they do. I do wonder if my choices are of truth, or based on authoritative hype, but these thoughts are wondering thoughts and not anything static.

I do feel like I am on a deserted island though. It gets lonely out here by (seemingly) myself. Even my best friend and I do not see eye to eye on all of the above issues. Surely there are others who's views are like my own, I just have yet to find anyone. I have met those who profess the same morals in public, but then fail the reality test.

So, another day almost done, another chance for a new beginning

Peace and compassion

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