Monday, April 4, 2011


Eight months back home. I am finally starting to get back to some semblance of normalcy.

It feels good to have a normal relationship with God, the Buddhist stint was an odd path, but I can appreciate veering on to that path for a short while. Life without suffering is a life not lived or learned from. Seeking the cessation from suffering is to seek spiritual ignorance and all about self, not anything to do with God.

I am back in school, start classes next month, finish my BS then move onto my master's. 2-3 years to go. I have 132 total credits from two schools.

The weather is warming, flowers are blooming, nuclear fallout is in the air, my oldest son is still in school and I am trying to get my middle son in school in the fall as he wants to get his EMT certification, then be a fireman. Our oldest son wants to be a cop, he is working on a criminal justice degree.

I need to find a way to catchup and pay off debts, I need another car/ truck/ motorcycle so I can give my Civic to my middle son as a graduation gift. This is proving to be a little challenging. I hope to find a decent 70's or 80's street bike like a CB750 or XS maybe to cut down on gas and insurance.

I'm getting there.

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